About Us

If music be the food of love, play on… – William Shakespeare

At Blaqberri Management we believe our artists are our most important investment. We are committed to creating a nurturing environment that will allow them to achieve their individual artistic goals while providing them with encouragement and the know-how to help them to shape their OWN creative identities. This, as opposed to having those identities shaped by commission where non-creative committees get to define and control an artist’s creative and professional trajectory.

As music lovers, we are constantly in awe of these creators we represent, who pull the magical musical fabric as if from the ether. Fabric that replenishes and delight our psyches and our souls.  Even when no one else hears but us, many of their works become the musical backdrops that help soothe our harried days, and, over time, even become the soundtrack of our lives. There is no greater honor, then, for us at Blaqberri Management, than to be charged with providing a guiding role in our artists’ careers as they work diligently to manifest their dreams, and take their place in this well-traversed business of music,

Our team of music industry veterans takes pride in providing our artists with the expertise needed to help them blossom and bloom. We are particularly excited about leveraging the latest in digital technology to advance their careers in the areas of music where they’ve decided to invest their passion. Our experience in the independent spectrum of the music business has allowed us to operate in a space, that while being new to some, is actually well-traveled ground for us harking back to the analog domain. And that ends up being an entirely good fit for us at Blaqberri Management and the artists we serve.

We truly believe the adage that says if we “build it they will come”… and so do our artists. With that having been said, keep us in those open corners of your hearts and your minds. We are UNDER RE-CONSTRUCTION and will see you soon!