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Dear music lover, Welcome to our blog @blaqberrijam!

Watch this space for new articles, artist information, status updates, and news, but also for music we LOVE – both old and new.  We’re talking about music that wakes us up in the morning, awakens us to mindfulness, that makes us think, celebrate,  zone out,  laugh… and at times even cry from the depths of our souls… I’m talking about music that gets us, in spite of who creates it.

And what about music that resurrects memories of a world or life we left behind? Or simpler yet, how about the music we just want to “Jam” to in our seats, on the couch, at work, in the car while other drivers glare… or smile at us, music that goes with us wherever we go on the planet? No matter the genre or the artist, we turn up for the songs we love and don’t mind sharing them with others. When all is said and done music is a universal language that needs no interpretation except our own.

If you fit any of the music lover attributes described in this article, then you’re one of us. In that event, do let us strive to be a dedicated community of music supporters who are relentless in our pursuit of sharing great music.  And when we find songs that have great messages,  let’s pass them on for others to hear by sharing – whether the music is from our era or not.

Since we like to practice what we preach, we plan to curate as many cover songs as we can manage and post them on this blog and all over our site when practical. In fact, when we post covers, we will also post the original version of the songs just below the cover as well!  Tell us what you think.

One Love….and enjoy!

If it’s music, let it play…

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